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About a year ago I saw one of those "NAMM" custom fender guitars and I really want one but they are at the least 2,500k! I'm just going to get an warmoth body and paint it but should I have body contours or not? I don't see how it would make a big difference and it gives it a more vintage look, it's on a mustang body... Any ideas?

I think you should consider comfort over looks when it comes to the body of your guitar. Whether you choose to have body contours on your guitar or not depends on what you’re used to. I prefer playing with the contours, but I must say that I do really, really, really love the looks of mustangs without them (however most of the time this is when they’re produced as a thinline guitar).

The tummy contours are a standard on warmoth mustang bodies as far as I know, so choosing whether you want to have the forearm contour is all about preference. The edges of the body are all rounded, so it’s not that your arm will get cut off while playing the guitar, probably. 

I'm looking for a color way like kurt Cobains blue and red mustang, I dong want to be completely copying and have people call me a copycat, I'm thinking lake placid blue with a red tortoise guard or red tort with surfgreen or maybe seafoam, what do you think?

That sounds great. I do prefer surf/seafoam green over the lake placid blue in combination with the tortoise pickguard. 

Maybe look for something like this on a mustang. (This colour is called Coffin Blue)(That will definitely make me jealous). I say go for it! 


What's the function of that pickup selector on the jazzmaster esquire?

Great question, I didn’t even notice the presence of that switch beforehand haha.

What explains the switch its existence is the way that the guitar is wired. It’s called the Eldred Esquire wiring which gives you 3 optional tones for a single pickup.

You can find a better explanation here:

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